New 10 Inch 600W Car Super Slim Active Subwoofer Under Seat Sub Amplifier


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10 Inch 600W Car Super Slim Active Subwoofer Under Seat Sub Amplifier

1. 10 Inch Super Slim Active Subwoofer with Amplifier.
2. Equipped with RCA/speaker level inputs, can easily be integrated using existing speaker connections.
3. A plurality of radiating holes are arranged on both sides to ensure the heat dissipation and avoid the sound box burning.
4. Has a professional single channel power amplifier template, including bass filter, bass enhancement, high-frequency power controller, remote control by wire and other high-end functions.
5. All aluminum alloy body, to minimize vibration caused by noise, to ensure that in a long time, high load performance in the environment stable and reliable.

1. RMS Power: 150W
2. Max Power: 600W
3. Frequency Response: 20HZ– 150Hz
4. Impedance: 2Ω
5. Voltage: 12V
6. Signal / Noise ratio: >90dB
7. Material: Aluminum alloy
8. T.H.D: <0.2%
9. Bass Boost: 0dB-12dB
10. Fuse: 25A
11. Low-pass Filter: 300mV
12. High Input Sensitivity: 0.9V
13. Size: 345 X 260 X 68mm

1. Connect the Blue wire to remote amp wire on the radio (AMP Trigger Wire).
2. Black wire to earth.
3. Both grey & white wires for speaker Inputs to rear of radio.
4. Wire with black line is negative speaker side.
5. Turn gain up & enjoy.
6. Remote control to be ran to dash also.

Package Included:
1 X Speaker Aplifier
1 X Remote Control
1 X Wire Kits
1 X User Manual