New 104Key RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Retro Backlit Black shaft Gaming Keyboard


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104Key RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Retro Backlit Black shaft Gaming Keyboard

Color: 4- Black-Colorful light; 3- Black-White light; 2- White-Colorful light; 1- White-White light
Keyboard type: Wired gaming mechanical keyboard
Panel material: Metal
Size: 438×136×35mm (Approx.17.2×5.3×1.3")
Number of Keys: 104
Transmission: Wired USB
Transmission line length: 1.6m
Shaft body: Black shaft
Lights: Multiple backlight effects
Product wire: anti-interference shield braided wire
Rated Voltage: 5V DC
Rated Current: 100mA
Service Life: 50 million keystroke
1. This mechanical keyboard uses 64K flash SCM, supports USB2.0, and be of 12Mbps full speed transmission mode with fast response.
2.  A variety of light mode switching, you can arbitrarily customize different mixed color backlight effects.There are 7 colors for backlit
(red, green, blue, yellow, purple, light blue and white) you can choose.
3. Novel circular typewriter style suspension keycaps that are dirt-resistant and wear-resistant.
4. Highly durable mechanical shaft specially designed for game, with a shaft life of about 60 million presses.
5. The black shaft which is straightly up and down is suitable for playing games. The sound is low, the trigger is quick, and the rebound is powerful.
It is the best choice for professional game players.
6. Supports multi-function shortcuts, making entertainment more convenient.
7. Key layout uses ergonomic streamlined key layout to adapt to the arc of hands while pressing.
Package include:
1 × Mechanical Keyboard
1 x Manual