New 12-Pin Bluetooth Adapter Audio Aux Cable For Mercedes W169 W245 W203 W209 W164


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12-Pin Bluetooth Adapter Audio Aux Cable For Mercedes W169 W245 W203 W209 W164

Name: 12Pin Bluetooth Adapter Aux Cable For Mercedes Benz W169 W245 W203 W209 W164
Model: A42313
Material: Plastic
Cable Length: approx.17.5cm
Black: GND-
Red: 12V ACC+
Connector: 12Pin
Bluetooth module connector:12V

•Audio 20, Audio 30, Audio 50 APS
•Comand APS (nur NTG2)
•A-W169, B-W245 C-W203 & CLK-W209 04/04~ M-W164, GL-X164, R-W251 mit Audio 20, Audio 30 Audio 50 APS,Comand APS
•W169 Mercedes A-Klasse
•W245 Mercedes B-Klasse
•W203 Mercedes C-Klasse
•W209 Mercedes CLK-Klasse
•X164 Mercedes GL-Klasse
•W164 Mercedes M-Klasse
•W251 Mercedes R-Klasse
•W221 Mercedes S-Klasse
•R230 Mercedes SL-Klasse
•Mercedes CL-Klasse (2004-2006)

* For Mercedes Benz W169 W245 W203 W209 W164
* Work with iPod/iPad/iPhone 5 5C 5S 6 6 plus,Samsung,HTC,Sony,Nokia and any other phones or pads(Pls make sure there is bluetooth function in your phone or pad)
* Bluetooth 4.0 version, and compatible with 2.0 3.0 4.0 other versions of Bluetooth, can support the commonly used MP3 format audio, but also support the WMA WAV FLAC, and other high-quality audio format decoding, non-ordinary Bluetooth functions, can support DSD large capacity transmission.

– Function via Bluetooth-enabled devices
– No functional limitations of the car radio
– Allows you to connect an external audio source
– It is possible from your smartphone to your car stereo to stream
– Pair your phone with our bluetooth module,and choose Aux from your radio.
– You can enjoy music from your phone through car speakers.
– Easy to install

-Red power cable connected to 12V+
-Black power cable connected to 12V-
-Mercedes 12-pin into the CD player Jack (please confirm corresponding socket), mobile phone is connected with the Bluetooth module, aux audio source selection, you can play mobile phone music.

Note: Please confirm the interface on the back of your CD host before buying. This interface is only suitable for 12-pin interface CD host.

Packing Included:
1x 12Pin Bluetooth Adapter Aux cable