New 12V Lithium Power Drill Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver Screw Driver Kit


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12V Lithium Power Drill Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver Screw Driver Kit

                    12V Single Speed Lithium-ion Rechargeable Electrodrill Electric Screw Driver Kit


Material: Plastic shell

Lithium battery:12V 1.5Ah (1 Battery & 1 Charger)

Charger input:100-240V 50/60Hz

Charging time: about 1 hours

No-load speed (r/min):0-700rpm

Maximum torque: 28N/m

Dimensions: approx.19.5cm x 19cm/7.68'' x 7.48''

Torque: 18-25N/m

Maximum drill diameter:10mm

The largest diameter of borehole in wood:26mm

The largest diameter of the drill hole in the steel:10mm

Diameter of the chuck:0.8-10mm

Allowable temperature:5-40℃



* Professional lithium battery technology, long service life

* High quality motor, small volume, heavy torque

* The rubber hand makes it more comfortable

* LED working light to effectively illuminate the dark workspace

* 18 gear torque regulation ring

* Infinitely variable speed switch,with the increase of the pressure, the speed becomes faster

* Application:It can be used for wall drilling, metal drilling, plastic opening, screw loading and unloading.

Package Included:

1 x Power Screwdriver

1X12V 1.5Ah Lithium battery

1 x US Plug Charger

1 x Free 6.5cm Screwdriver head

1 x Manual

1 x Box

Battery Maintenance And Matters Of Attention

* Don't charge batteries that have enough electricity

* Separate isolation in a dry place

* Make sure that the battery is dry without water

* The battery and the host body are placed separately ,It needs to be charged every 15-30 days without use for a long time

* Clean up the battery every time you use it

* When charging, someone should look next to it and be sure to disconnect the charger when you leave