New 18pcs Dogs Grind Their Teeth And Bite Toys Resistance to bite toys Pet Toys


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18pcs Dogs Grind Their Teeth And Bite Toys Resistance to bite toys Pet Toys

18pcs Dogs Grind Their Teeth And Bite Toys  Resistance to bite toys  Pet Toys  

Description :

PERFECT COMBINATION OF DOG TOYS FOR TUG, CHEWING, AND SHAKING – tough dog toys that withstand playtime with medium dogs and small dogs, even large dogs! They challenge aggressive chewers & also make fun toys for small and medium dogs. These dog toys are great for tug of war and will entertain your dog for hours. Not your typical squeaky toys that will be destroyed in minutes – these toys for aggressive chewers will last longer than our competitors and tug a war is a great bonding tool.
HELPS REDUCE ANXIETY IN DOGS AND STOPS THEM FROM CHEWING ON FURNITURE & PERSONAL BELONGINGS – Dogs can chew for hours on these dog toys! With their attention and energy focused on trying to destroy a tough toy, there will be a decrease in anxiety! Dogs won’t chew your shoes when they have this toys value pack!

Specification :

Package Size 50*25CM
Package Weight About 380g

Package Includes :

1X Rubber disc (22cm)
1X Gnaw three colors around the globe
1X Scream chicken (32cm)
1X Vocal plush duck
1X Gnaw cotton rope ball (6cm)
1X Candy color cotton rope knitting ball (8cm)
1X Colorful bell ball (5.8cm)
1X Bath/massage brush
5X Candy colored rubber band head rope
5X Jelly color hairpin

Details Pictures :