New 220-240V AC PIR Sensor Motion Movement Sensor PIR Infrared Light Switch 360 Deg Light Control Switch


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220-240V AC PIR Sensor Motion Movement Sensor PIR Infrared Light Switch 360 Deg Light Control Switch

220-240V AC PIR Motion Sensor Detector Infrared Home 360° Light Control Switch

Detection Range: 360°
Power Frequency: 50Hz
Working Humidity: <93%RH
Installing Height: 2.5m~3.5m
Power Sourcing: 220V-240V/AC
Working Temperature: -10~+40℃
Detection Motion Speed: 0.6~1.5m/s
Ambient Light: 3-2000LUX (Adjustable)
Power Consumption: 0.45W (Work); 0.1W (Static)
Time-delay adjustment: Min. 10sec±3sec; Max. 7min±2min.
Rated Load:1200W Max. Tungsten; 300W Max. Fluorescent
-Time-delay is added continually.
-Identify day and night automatically.
-The product uses a good sensitivity tester and integrated circuit.
-It integrates automation, convenience, safety, energy saving and practical functions.
-It can be used for family courtyard, living room, corridor, bedroom, bathroom, storeroom, wardrobe, bedroom, etc.
-Intelligent switch lights and other electrical appliances to facilitate home life, eliminating the complexity of wiring, eliminating the memory switch position, convenient for the elderly and children. 
-The load power is enough for home lighting, 360-degree all-round induction, the maximum radius of 4.5 meters to cover any corner of the ordinary family living room.
1.Turn off the power.
2.Removing the transparent vinyl cover what is in the bottom of the sensor.
3.Loosing the screws in the connection terminal, connecting the power and rated load to connection terminal of sensor according to connection sketch map.
4.Tighten the screws; put the transparent vinyl cover into the the original station.
5.Folding the metal spring of the sensor to upwards, until they are in “I” position with sensor, then put the sensor into the hole or installation box what is in the ceiling, the size is similar with item. Releasing the spring, the sensor will be set in this installation position.
Package Included:
1 x Infrared Motion Sensor
1 x Manual