New 220V 3000W Instant Electric Tankless Cold/Hot Water Heater Shower System Tap Faucet Digital Display

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220V 3000W Instant Electric Tankless Cold/Hot Water Heater Shower System Tap Faucet Digital Display


Name: Fast Hot Faucet
Material: Stainless Steel, ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Plastic)
Color: White / Gold

Voltage: 220V
Watts: 3000W
The way of water inlet: Bottom inlet water type


● 304 stainless steel heating pipe, healthy, safe, durable, corrosion resistant and wear resistant.
● The more reasonable cavity structure brings better hot water experience.
● Built in electric protection wall, water and electricity separation, multiple reuse electric protection.
● High temperature resistant engineering plastic body, Safe and environmental protection, multi-layer electroplating process, the surface is more bright and clean.Installed in the kitchen, bathroom, balcony and so on, are high-end and no vulgarity.
● With ABS plastics, Innocuous and tasteless, safety and environmental protection
● With 777D engineering plastic, High temperature resistance, strong softness, not easy to burst, and strong punching resistance.
● Deep polishing electroplating: Beautiful and no vulgarity, electroplating layer is not easy to fall off
● Stainless steel outlet pipe, free rotation at 360°
● Cold and hot dual use, no extreme temperature control
● By changing the size of the water to control the temperature,thermoregulation is more humanized
● High pressure safety valve can effectively prevent freezing of outdoor faucets in cold season.
● Digital display temperature display
● Water inlet with filter network
● Brass inlet pipe: Adopt international standard 2cm interface, suitable for 99% flume, wear resistance, high hardness.
● Water saving type detachable nozzle: Effectively enhance the water temperature and effluent impulse, increase temperature and pressurize. Adjust the temperature of water:
●Turn the handle upward to the red area, the digital display is bright, and start the electricity heating.
●Downward rotation to the blue area, start normal water effluent .
●The handle stops in the middle to indicate that the water is turned off. When the water stops and electricity is also interrupt , there is no need to plug in the power supply in regular use.Can turn off the power supply if No use of hot water for a long time

Package Included:
1 x Water Faucet