New 220V 550W Electric Sliding Gate Opener Automatic Motor with 2 Remote Control Switch


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220V 550W Electric Sliding Gate Opener Automatic Motor with 2 Remote Control Switch

DW1206 intellgent built-in control board for sliding gate opener. This controller iss the latest product developed by our company. It adopts advaned microcomputer control, electronic parts are connected by SMT technology, more safety, more stable, more secure and reliable.
1.Manual release switch when power is cut off.
2.Meet the resistance to return function. 
3.Motor gear self-locking. 
4.External control or remote control. 
5.Optional magnetic switch or spring switch. 
6.Soft start to ensure a smooth start and smooth operation of the motor
Suitable gate weight:1000kg
Suitable gate width:8mm
Lock strength:30
Door close speed:12m/s
Motor speed:1400rpm
Limit switch:magnetic/spring
Base material:alloy aluminum
Gate Opener controller:
Voltage:AC 220V±10%,50 Hz
Fuse:220V 10A
Wet:35%~85% RH
Motor voltage:AC 220V±10%,50 Hz
Output power:550W
Gate Opener remote:
Working voltage:DC 12V 23A/piece
Working current:≤12mA
1.The working voltage of this controller is 220V-10%. Do not connect 380V voltage.
2.When leaving the factory, the conroller protection time is set to 90 seconds, the transmitter uses DC 12V, T27A battery, the service life is one year, the transmitter must not be dampened, impact, if need to change the setting password, please refer to the password settings.
3.If the remote control is too short, check if the host installation position is obscured by or near metal objects.
4.This controller and line non-professional do not install, such as personal safety rpoblems, the company is irresponsible.
Package Included:
1x product manual
1x gate opener
2x controllers
2x keys
Other bracket fixing accessories

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