New 2pcs Air Stone Aerator Pond Water Oxygenator Solar Powered Oxygen Pump With Fixings


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2pcs Air Stone Aerator Pond Water Oxygenator Solar Powered Oxygen Pump With Fixings


2pcs Air stone aerator, pond water oxygenator, solar powered oxygen pump with fixings.


1.Battery standard:
Battery type: 18650 lithium battery
Nominal voltage / capacity: 3.7V 1800mAH

2.Solar panel parameters:
Solar voltage: 6V
Solar current: 420MA
Process: PET lamination

3. Oxygen pump parameters:
Air pump type: AC air pump
Rated voltage: 3.5V
The highest current: 450MA
Bath sound: 50dB
Minimum air flow: 1L/min

4. Circuit parameters:
Operating voltage range: 3.0V-4.25V
Maximum working current: 450MA
Discharge protection voltage: 3.0V
Charging protection voltage: 4.25V
Working time: about 22 hours
Whether with light control: without light control
Product weight: 0.65Kg
Product size: 21.5X17.5X7cm/8.5×6.9×2.8inch


1. Connect the bubble stone to the vent hole and put it into the water body that needs oxygenation. 
The solar cell is facing the sunlight, and there is no obstruction between the solar cell and the sunlight. 
Press the power switch and the oxygen pump starts working.
2. This product is an electronic product. The oxygen-increasing part of the device cannot be placed in the
water, and the diversion hole cannot be blocked.
3. This product is a solar energy product. The charging speed is related to the intensity of sunlight. Regular 
cleaning of the dirt on the solar cell can improve the charging efficiency.

Package Included:

1x Solar panel
1x Aeration pump
1x Solar panel fixing
1x Water pipe
1x Manual
2x Bubble stone
Accessories are also included

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