New 3 Inch HD 1080P Car IR Waterproof Night Vision DVR Camera 170 Degree Loop Recording


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3 Inch HD 1080P Car IR Waterproof Night Vision DVR Camera 170 Degree Loop Recording

1. 3 inch screen display, providing instant video playback.
2. Support Lane Departure Warning System(LDWS function): When your car deviated from the original track, the system quickly detect and judge, issued a"di,di…" sound to alarm driver.
3. Support Forward Collision Warning System(FCWS function): The Device image sensor can collect pavement information and work out the distance in front of your car, if the distance from your car to front car is too close, the device will alarm you to keep the distance.
4. Full HD video 1080P/30 fps, captures the license plates cars, road signs and other things in the night vision as clear as possible.
5. WDR Effect: To solve the problem under the poor quality or in the extreme light source environment, it can help eliminate glare and dimming, shoot good quality and high definition impact.
6. Built-in G-Shock Sensor: If there is a collision, the built-in G-Shock Sensor automatically locks the recorded video to provide an accurate record of the event.
7. Loop Recording Video: Automatic recording video in loop and use the storage efficiently, with the earliest unlocked video clips being overwritten when reaching the storage card's maximal capacity.


1. Memory card: TF card
2. Shooting angle: 170 Degree
3. Pixel: 12 million
4. Data storage capacity: Maximum support 32G
5. Data storage time: Loop Recording
6. Data transfer interface: PAL/NTSC, USB, AV, HDMI
7. Transmission rate: 300W
8. Installation position: Windscreen
9. Installation method: Suction type
10. Weight: 395g

Package Included:

1 X Car Camera
1 X Suction Mount
1 X Car Charger
1 X User Manual