New 30A 40A LCD Display MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V 24V Auto Battery Regulator


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30A 40A LCD Display MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V 24V Auto Battery Regulator

Features :

Innovative MPPT technology, tracking efficiency 99.9%, conversion efficiency up to 98%.
Real-time display the operational data and working status of the controller in digital, graphic and textual forms by a large LCD.
AGM, Gel & Liquid battery to choose.
Two navigation buttons, easy to implement various operations.
12V/24V automatic recognition.
Temperature compensation.
Perfect EMC design.
Four stage charge way: MPPT, boost, equalization, float
Full automatic electronic protect function

Specification :

Power: 40A, 30A
System Voltage: 12V/24V Automatical Recognization
MPPT Charging Voltage: <14.5/29.0V@25°C
Boost Voltage: 14.5/29.0V @25°C
Equal Voltage: 14.8/29.6V @25°C (Liquid, AGM)
Float Voltage: 13.7/27.4V @25°C
Low Volt. Disconnect: 10.8-11.8V/21.6-23.6V, SOC1-5
Reconnect Voltage: 11.6-12.8V/23.2-25.6V
Overcharge Protect: 15.5/31.0V
Max Volt on Bat. Terminal: 35V
Temp. Compensation: -4.17mV/K per cell (Boost, Equalization), -3.33mV/K per cell (Float)
Battery Type: Liquid, Gel, AGM (Default: Gel)
Dusk/Dawn Detect Volt.: 8.0/16.0V
Output Current: 30A
Work Mode: Standard, D2D, Street Lamp, User-Defined Mode
Max Tracking Efficiency: >99.9%
Max Charge Conversion: 98.00%
Self Consumption: ≤8mA(12V); ≤12mA(24V)
Ambient Temperature: -20 – +55°C
Storage Temperature: -25 – +80°C
Ambient Humidity: 0 – 100%RH
Protection Degree: IP32
Max Altitude: 4000m

Model: MT4010
Max Charging Current: 40A
PV Max: 100V
Max Input Power: 520/1040W
Size: Approx. 19×25.5x7cm / 7.48×10.04×2.76"

Model: MT3075
Max Charging Current: 30A
PV Max: 55V
Max Input Power: 390/780W
Size: Approx. 19x18x6.6cm / 77.56×7.09×2.60"

Package includeds :

1 x Solar Charge Controller
1 x User Manual
1 x Accessories Set

Details pictures :