New 4 Speaker Amplifier System Remote Control Audio with Bluetooth Function For ATV Motorcycle


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4 Speaker Amplifier System Remote Control Audio with Bluetooth Function For ATV Motorcycle

1. Support Motorcycle anti-theft function
2. Support radio function.
3. Support USB playback function
4. Support TIF card playback function.
5. Support audio input function.
6. With LED display function
7. Support wireless remote control code function.
8. Support mute function.
1.Supply voltage: DC 12V
2.Output power: 4 x 25W
3.Output frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
4.Working temperature range: -30℃ +60℃
5.Remote control distance: ≥100 meters in the open yard
6.Size(Motorcycle Bluetooth Host): 3.5 inch
7.Color: Black
Bluetooth Operating Instruction
1.When turned on, the Bluetooth has already started in the backstage, meanwhile the Bluetooth can be searched
and paired by other devices. Bluetooth name: "TY768-BT". Press MODE key, turn to Bluetooth mode (displayed as "BT),
If Bluetooth is connected, LCD spectrum will flash, or do not shine.

2.After successfully connect to the Bluetooth, switch to the "BT”mode, then can play mobile music,audio. Buttons "PREV",
"NEXT" can control Previous/Next song of the mobile phone. In addition,the line control "PLAY" can control playback/pause of your mobile phone music

3.If the phone isn't disconnected, then press "MODE" key to jump to other mode, Bluetooth will convert to background
automatically. Switch back to BT mode can continue playing.

4.If the phone isn't disconnected, in any mode (MP3FMLINE BT), when the phone call will pause the current mode and
switches to BT mode automatically, the display shows "CALL", then press "PREV" key hang up, press "NEXT" to answer calls.
After hang up the phone will back to the original play mode.
Tuning Knob SEL(Audio Tuning)

The selection of audio tuning: press"SEL"button, in turn are the selection of audio tuning"BAS->TRE->BAL->FAD->EQ->LOUD->VOL",
while the LCD displays the corresponding mark: match the volume knob to complete thecreen corresponding audio turning

Volume Setting: press"SEL"button until"VOL"appears, increase or decrease the volume from 0 to 40 by rotating the volume knob

Bass Setting: press"SEL"button until the"BAS"appears, increase or decrease the bass by rotating the volume knob

Treble Setting: press"SEL" button until the"TRE"appears. increase or decrease the treble by rotating the volume knob

Balence Setting: press"SEL"button until the"BAL"appears, control the balance by rotating the volume knob.

FAD Setting: press"SEL"button until the"FAD"appears, control the Fad by rotating the volume knob

Loudness Setting: press"SEL"button until the"LOUD"appears, turning loudness on/off by rotating the volume knob
Sound Effect Setting: press"SEL"button until the" EQ"appears, control the EQ by rotating the volume knob with light up the"EQ"mark

The ATV Motorcycle is not included.
Package Included:
1 X Motorcycle Bluetooth Host
4 X Speakers
4 X Speakers Mounting Brackets
4 X Clamp
2 X Remote Control
3 X Power lines
1 X Screw Kits
1 X Manual