New 4000W Peak 50Hz Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V Converter USB Port Pure Sine Wave Inverter


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4000W Peak 50Hz Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V Converter USB Port Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Peak Power 4000W 50Hz Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V Converter
Material: aluminum alloy casing
Color: Black
Size: 26x14x7cm
Enter Voltage: 12V (DC)
Output voltage: 110V (AC)
Continue power: 2000W
Peak power: 4000W
USB port: 1
US plug port: 2
Fan: 1

● Stable performance.
● Safe and convenient.
● Wide range of applications, home, car,etc.
● Two LED indicators, green is normal, red is fault.
● Intelligent temperature control cooling fan starts and stops, low noise and more energy saving.

● Adopt soft start technology to prevent damage to electrical appliances and enhance load capacity.
● Conversion efficiency is as high as 88%-96%, quality is more reliable and life is longer.
● Built-in microcomputer chip, with over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, overload, short-circuit, reverse, alarm light perfect protection function, can resume work after troubleshooting.

Applicable appliances: incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, energy-saving lamps, rice cookers, soldering irons, desktop computers, monitors, laptops, fax machines, printers, televisions, electric fans, DVDs, electric irons, washing machines, hair dryers, etc.
Not applicable to electrical appliances: electric motors, impact drills, pumps, power amplifiers, stereos, subwoofers and other iron core transformers; dimming, speed control, thermostats

How to use? (Instructions)
1. Turn off the switch
2. Connect the positive and negative power lines
3. Connect the battery
4. Plug in the appliance
5. Open the switch
Package included:
●1 x Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
●1 x Positive clip
●1 x Negative clip
●1 x Manual