New 5L Air Humidifier Ultrasonic Cool Mist Steam Nebuliser Aroma Oil Diffuser


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5L Air Humidifier Ultrasonic Cool Mist Steam Nebuliser Aroma Oil Diffuser

35 dB, mute working.
5L great volume can humidify for hours, no need to wake up to add water.
Stepless fog volume adjustment, you can adjust fog volume as you like.
Add essential oil and you can fragrance your house.
Easy to operate.
Water capacity:5L
Voltage:220V 50Hz
Fog volume:350ml/h
Humidification range:25-30㎡, suitable for living room and bedroom.
Please use at normal room temperature (5~40℃).
Please place it in a flat position to avoid tilting.
Please do not use the humidifier directly on the wooden floor to avoid deformation of the wooden floor. 
Please put the humidifier away from the furniture and electrical appliances 2 meters away. 
Keep away from heat sources and avoid direct sunlight.
Do not inject 40℃ hot water into the water tank to avoid damage to the machine.
When the room temperature is below 0℃, please pour out the water in the water tank and the sink to avoid freezing.  
Please do not put metal products, chemicals, detergents into the sink, otherwise there will be bad atomization.
If the humidifier is to move, clean, or add water, you need first turn off the power and unplug the power.Do not move the machine at will when it is working.
Package Included:
1x Humidifier 

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