New 5Pcs Set Screen Printing Aluminum Frame Kit Hinge Clamp Emulsion Coater Squeegee


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5Pcs Set Screen Printing Aluminum Frame Kit Hinge Clamp Emulsion Coater Squeegee

Frame Material: Aluminum
Mesh Material: Polyester Fiber
Hinge Clamp Material: Metal
Emulsion Coater Material: Aluminum Alloy
Squeegee Material: Wood + Polyurethane
Mesh Color: White
Mesh Count: 110
Squeegee Size: 40x11cm / 15.75''x4.33'' (appr.)
Emulsion Coater Size: 49x9x3cm / 19.29''x3.54''x1.18'' (appr.)
Hinge Clamp Size: 6x5x9cm / 2.36''x1.97''x3.54'' (appr.)
Frame Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 600x500x20mm / 23.62''x19.69''x0.79'' (appr.)
Screen Printing Frame:
● Frame can be re-meshed.
● Chemical resistance glue bonded, high shear strength.
● Smooth appearance, free of deformation, durable in use.
● Mesh with low-elongation, precision bore, and high stability.
● Revolving-Riveting stretching technology to insure optimal tension.
● Provides easier registration on printing process, give even more detail and clear prints.
Screen Printing Clamps:
● It adjusts easily for precision work.
● Used for fixing screens when printing.
● A loose pin permits quick screen removal.
● Positive locking hinge clamp holds a screen up to 2'' thick.
● Easy to install and positive locking for perfect registration.
● Feature a wide-wing thumb screws for firmly fastening the clamp to the frame.
● Fabricated from a heavy-duty alloy, with chrome plating, durable and rust-resistant.
Printing onto clothing (especially for T-shirts), woven fabric, metal, paper, copybook, plastic, circuit board, wood, glass, ceramic tile, leather and other plain printing substrates. This makes it especially suitable for small businesses as well as individual printing shops.
Printing Process:
1) Check the screen
2) Seal the board
3) Install the board
4) Debug bit alignment
5) The deployment of ink
6) The first piece of printing
7) First sample confirmation
8) Batch printing
9) Process control
Package Included:
1X Screen Printing Frame
1X Emulsion Scoop Coater
1X Squeegee
2X Screen Printing Hinge Clamps