New 6 Inch 8 Inch Wooden Handscrew Clamp Beech Parallel Clip Woodworking Clamp

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6 Inch 8 Inch Wooden Handscrew Clamp Beech Parallel Clip Woodworking Clamp

Wooden handscrew clamp, 6" 8" woodworking hand clamps fits for any shape.

Material: Beech + High Carbon Steel
Type: Hand Tool Parts
Structure: F Clamp
Usage: Heavy Duty
DIY Supplies: Woodworking
Application: Fixed profile workpiece.

Size Throat Depth Thickness Width Max. Opening Length
6'' 80mm 30mm 34mm 80mm 155mm
8'' 105mm 35mm 45mm 120mm 205mm

– Made of Chinese beech, carbon steel spindles and swivel nuts.
– Beech collet: texture clear, impact – resistant, durable.
– Coarse-carbon steel threaded rod :10mm bi-directional coarse-carbon steel threaded rod can be quickly opened/tightened
– Parallel clamping, grooves: the Angle can be adjusted through the grooves, suitable for clamping special-shaped workpiece.
- It is suitable for fixing small workpiece, holding firmly, gluing small design, neatly holding the wooden bar, clamping the non-parallel
surface, and clamping the work table clamp.

Directions for use:
1. Firstly, place the heavy wooden clamps flat on the work table and clamp the workpiece, because the chuck is relatively thick and square, which ensures the perpendicularity of the workpiece and the table.This is very useful when drilling small workpieces.The workpiece is clamped with a wooden clamp, and the wooden clamp is fixed on the working face of the drill floor with another clip of F, so that the workpiece can be fixed easily and safely.
2. When the workpiece is too small, but needs to be equipped with band saw or milling machine, since the parallel clamp can change the clamping Angle at will, it can be used to hold the small workpiece, which greatly reduces the risk.
3. The clamping pressure changes with the clamping Angle.The chuck is tightened and the pressure is concentrated at the holding point.The clamp is open and the pressure is evenly distributed on the clamping surface.The clamping Angle can be adjusted according to the needs.

Package Included:
1 x Handscrew clamp

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