New 6000W Peak LCD Solar Power Inverter DC 12V/24V to AC 110V/220V Modified Sine Wave


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6000W Peak LCD Solar Power Inverter DC 12V/24V to AC 110V/220V Modified Sine Wave

Peak Power : 6000W
Rated power : 3000W (Please Ensure the Rated Power is Higher than the electric appliance you wanna apply to.)
Input Vottage: 12V/24V
Output voltage: AC 220V/50Hz ± 3Hz
                         AC 110V/60Hz ± 3Hz
No load current: <0.9A
5 Digital Display Content: Battery Electric Quantity Input/Output Voltage LCD Display
Output voltage waveform: Modified Sine Wave
Conversion Efficiency: 90%
– Color: Black
– Material: Aluminum Alloy
– Socket Style: Universal Socket
– Double Cooling Fan: Intelligent Self-control, will auto-start when it`s overheat or when you use high-power load.
– USB output Charging interface available.
– 2 Pole Terminal: Red for Positive & Black for Negative
– Manual Switch (you must turn on it after connecting the battery and appliance, and turn off before disconnecting)
– The inverter can convert DC12/24V to AC 110V/220V.
– 12V is generally for cars, 24V for trucks.
– Available Range Of Rated Voltage Of Electrical Appliances : 210~230V, 110~130V
– Safe Range Of Input Voltage:
  112V : 9.8~15V
  224V : 20~28V
– 8 Safety Protection Function:
  1Reverse polarity protection
  2Low input voltage protection
  3High input voltage protection
  4Over-current protection
  5Short circuit protection
  6Over temperature protection
  7Overload protection
  8Internal fuses
▲Main Applicable Loads for Rated Power 2000W:
   20W-LED Lamp
   60W-Mechanical Electric Fan
   100W-Non-laser Printer
   200W-Desktop Computer
   300W-Audio Amplifier Equipment
   300W-Electric Hand Mill
   300W-Electric Hand Drill
   500W-Rice Cooker
   900W-Intelligent Rice Cooker
   1000W-Induction Cooker
   1000W-Hair Drier
   1200W-Electric Kettle
   1400W-Steam Iron
▲Inapplicable Loads for Rated Power 2000W:
   1Inductive load (appliance that equipped with motor, compressor) like Fan, Dust Cleaner, Sinking Pump of a power over about 800W will be inapplicable, coz this item is a modified sine wave inverter.
   2Low-power inductive load like 80W-Car Refrigerator, 80W-Aquariums Pump, 150W-Household Refrigerator, 150W-Sinking Pump, 600W-Percussion Drill, 600W-Dust Cleaner will be applicable, but you`d better not to use it for long Time.
1. Please Ensure the Rated Power is higher than the electric appliance you wanna apply to.
2. And if you wanna run several appliance at the same time, you should refer to the total Wattage. For example, an inverter of rated power 1500W won`t work if you run two 800W rice cooker at the same time, instead you should get aa Rated power 2000W one.
3. If you wanna run a inductive load for a long time, it`s suggested to buy a pure sine wave inverter.

Package Included:
1* Solar Inverter
4*Rotating Terminal (Red for Positive & Black for Negative)
4* Insurance Fuse

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