New 6pcs LAOA Stainless Steel Tweezers Soldering Tweezers Precision Tweezer Repair Tools


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6pcs LAOA Stainless Steel Tweezers Soldering Tweezers Precision Tweezer Repair Tools

Features :

Apply to industrials of electronic, watches, jewelry, chemicals, laboratory, Pharmaceuticals, high-tech, mobile phones, glasses, digital camera, LCD TV, optical pickup device, computer, LCD car navigation systems, car audio, conditioning, heater, counters, residential lighting, lighting machine, Washing machines, vacuum cleaners, gas appliances, microwave, car side mirrors, Automobile Electrical spares, Automobile tail lights, car lights, TV game consoles, printers, communications equipment, Copiers, air pressupressure machines, electric tools.

Specification :

A: Flat tweezers     
B: Curved beak tweezers     
C: Round-nosed tweezers   
D: Fine apiculus tweezers   
E: Flat teeth tweezers   
F: Ultra needle-nose tweezers

Flat teeth tweezers LA813506
A: Non-slip with tooth
304 stainless steel medical tweezers, tweezers with teeth without coating

Flat tweezers LA813502
B: The nipper shape is flat and smooth
This round head of tweezers to avoid damage to the components, suitable for grabbing the chip and circuit chip.

Round-nose tweezers LA813501
C: Nippers tip is rounded point
When welding of integrated circuits used in conjunction, and install or replace parts.

Curved beak tweezers LA813503
D: Nippers shape is curved point
Bending tweezers mouth, suitable for extract parts at the narrow area.

Ultra needle-nose tweezers LA813504
E: Special tapered tweezers tip
This tweezer more slender than the standard length, suitable for precision electronic parts operations.

Fine apiculus tweezers LA813505
F: Tweezers tip is apiculus
Special tapered tweezers, mouth edge is sharp, applicable to high density of integrated circuit chip which shows in the operation.

Product overall size: 190*43mm     
Product weight: 0.08kg

Package includeds :

6 x LAOA Tweezers
Details pictures :