New Car Hard Wire Kit Buck Module For Nextbase Mini Micro DVR


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Car Hard Wire Kit Buck Module For Nextbase Mini Micro DVR

1. 3.2 meter power cable included.
2. Simple, fast Plug & Play solution.
3. Compatible with 12-24V DC cars and trucks.
4. No need for cable from car cigarette lighter socket, replace it with a permanent hidden cable.
5. Installation in minutes with little to no expertise required. Simply piggy backs from car fuse box socket.
6. Using the hard wire kit the in car camera will power on and start to record automatically when the vehicle starts. 
7. Nextbase hard wire kit for Nextbase512G, 402G, 412,312GW, 302G, 212, 202, 101 and DUO car camera. To connect to the DUO you will need the small adaptor that is included with your dashcam.
8. Nextbases car camera hard wire kit is a simple plug & play solution to hardwire any Nextbase in-car cam in to your car and no longer require a car cigarette lighter socket. Even better is that it can be installed in less than a minute and requires little to no electrical expertise.
9. Simply remove a fuse from the fuse box, plug the required fuse "tap" cable supplied in the kit in to the vehicles fuse box and plug the displaced fuse in to the top of the fuse tap cable. The car camera now has its own power supply and no longer requires connection to the car cigarette lighter socket. Now simply hide the included 3m car camera power cable, using your car interior trim, to the point of installation of your Nextbase car cam.

Package Included:
1 X Car Hard Wire