New CO2 Tank Cylinder Refill Filling Adapter Connector Homebrew Kit for Metal SodaStream


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CO2 Tank Cylinder Refill Filling Adapter Connector Homebrew Kit for Metal SodaStream

Co2 tank cylinder refill filling adapter connector homebrew kit fit for SodaStream.


Material: Metal
– Designed to connect to either a DIN 477/W21. 8/BS 341 No. 8 donor cylinder
– Used to safely refill SodaStream cylinders from larger donor cylinders


– Includes a pressure gauge to ensure the pressure of the donor cylinder will not exceed the pressure specification of the recipient cylinder.
– With a dump/purge valve to eject the residual gas within the connection between donor and recipient cylinder once refilling is complete.
– With a on/off knob for easy and direct control of the refilling process.
– Easy and reliable to use.

1. Connects the refill adapter to the parent/donor cylinder.
2. Screws the SodaStream adapter into the refill adapter.
3. Screws the SodaStream cylinder into the adapter.
4. Opens the valve on the parent / donor cylinder to release the gas.
5. Turns the shutoff valve to release the gas.
6. Turns the knob of the SodaStream valve to inject gas into the cylinder.
7. You will hear gas flowing into the cylinder. Refilling takes roughly 30 seconds.
8. Once refilling is complete,stop the CO2 by turning the shutoff valve.
9. Isolates the SodaStream cylinder by turning the adjuster knob.
10. Releases the residual gas by opening the dump / purge valve.
11. Removes the SodaStream cylinder from the adapter.
12. Repeats the refill process for each SodaStream cylinder.
13. Once finished, close the valve on the parent / donor cylinder.

Package Included:

1 x Cylinder Refill Adapter
1 x Fitting Adapter
1 x Accessories

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