New Colorful 90cm Folding LED Flash Light Fitness Exercise Toy


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Colorful 90cm Folding LED Flash Light Fitness Exercise Toy


Made of high quality Polyethylene(PE) material,environmental protection,non-toxic and not easy broken, very durable.
With 24 bright LED light,long service life, low energy consumption and bring more fun for you.
Portable design,can be bent into two loops when not in use, Convenient custody, Easy to carry, especially for travelers.
Treatment of constipation,often use the hula hoop, in the waist wound, can stimulate the intestinal,The role of the treatment of constipation, the effective elimination of constipation caused by pain, but also your health.
Reduction fat function,the hula hoop exercise to the waist massage and turn hula hoop when a large number of limb movement and effective combustion of body fat, the weight at the same time to fitness, fitness and weight loss.

Voltage:3V(2xAA Battery,battery is not included.)
Size: Folding Size:42cm
         Extend Size:90cm

How to Use:
Step 1:Press iron buckle and open the hula hoop.
Step 2:Install battery,and then press the iron buckle to close.
Step 3:Push the iron buckle the first hole,close the hula hoop,it won't light at this time.
Step 4:Press the iron buckle again,and push it to the second hole,it will light.

Package Included:

1 x LED Light Hula Hoop