New DC 12V to AC 220V UPS 3000W Peak 6000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter and Charger


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DC 12V to AC 220V UPS 3000W Peak 6000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter and Charger


Auto battery charging
Universal Protection Circuit: Over-Voltage, thermal protection, earth fault protection, overload protection, short circuit protection.
Inverter and charger indicator: Fully charged, Public Power, Inverter fault.
Dual Switch (Inverter, Charger) supporting battery deep discharge
Transfer time between bypass model and inverter mode less 10Ms, no influence in appliances work when public power off.
Two power switch controller(inverter switch, charger switch), so that it can support battery deep discharge.
PWM high-frequency technology – small size but big power.
Fast Charging: 25A charging amp.
Quiet Operation: Fan move only when necessary(Temperature control fan).
High surge and efficient.
Battery voltage display – so you know battery level anytime.
AC voltage display.

Inverter input: 12v (10-15V) DC

Inverter output: AC220+/-5%
Output frequency: 50Hz Or 60HZ +/-1% ( Default 50Hz,contact with me if need 60Hz)
Ouput waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Continous power: 3000W
Surge power: 6000W
Inverter Best efficiency: Aprox 90%
No Load Current Draw: less than 0.2A
Low Voltage Alarm: DC 11±0.3V
Low Voltage Shut Down: <DC10V
Over Voltage Shut Down: >15V
Thermal shutdown: 60+ degrees
AC output: 1 BS socket
Voltage input meter: yes
Power out put meter: yes
USB Output
LED display

Package Included:
1 X 12V 220V Power Inverter UPS
1 X Battery Cables
1 X Power Lead