New DC 3V Liaboe Digital Infrared Thermometer Ear and Forehead 1 Second Medical For Baby


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DC 3V Liaboe Digital Infrared Thermometer Ear and Forehead 1 Second Medical For Baby

1. Product Dimensions: 170mmx42mmx39mm/6.7×1.66×1.54”
2. Shipping Weight: 80 g
3. Batteries: DC 3V
4. Consumption: ≦300mW
5. Measuring distance: 3cm~5cm (1.2~2 in)
6. Automatic power-off: <30secs
7. Memory: 32 sets
8. Measuring range:
In body mode: 32℃~42.9℃(89.6℉~109.2℉)
Under body mode, there is three color backlight:
Green color backlight : ≦37.3℃(99.1℉), means normal temperature.
Orange color backlight : 37.4℃~37.9℃(99.3℉~100.2℉), means low fever.
Red color backlight : ≧38℃(100.4℉), means high fever.
In surface temp mode: 0℃~60℃(32℉~140℉)
In room mode: 0℃~40℃(32℉~140℉)
1. Special design to take the Human Body Temperature with a 3~5cm (1.2~2 in) distance from forehead
2. Reliable and stable measurement, thanks to the advantage Infrared Detection System.
3. Audible alarm if temperature is more than 38℃
4. Memorize the last 32 temperature measurements.
5. Three color backlight LCD digital display screen.
6. Automatic power-off ( <30 secs ) to conserve energy.v 7. Longevity use (100,000 readings)
8. Practical, easy to use.
9. Use direct mode to measure.
How to use: 
1. Install battery
2. For the first use or when inserting new battery, wait from 10~15 minutes for the warm-up of the unit. This will allow the unit to become acclimated to the temperature of the room.
3. Press "SCAN" button to turn on the unit, aim towards the desired location, keeping the unit at a distance of 3cm~5cm (1.2in~2in) from forehead, and press the "SCAN" button. Results will be displayed in 1 second.
4. Before taking the temperature, make sure to remove hair and perspiration from the forehead. You can also take the temperature.
Package Includes:
1x Non-contact Infrared Thermometer
1x Manual