New Fish Tank Aquarium Air Pump


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Fish Tank Aquarium Air Pump

Fish Tank Aquarium Air Stone Bubble Wall Aeration Tube Oxygen Pump Diffuser High Efficiency And Without Pollution

Description :

Instantly creating a mist of tiny bubbles that your fish will love, the 14-inch Bubble Wall Air Stone Tube is the best partner of air pump and can evenly distribute fine bubbles in your tank. The bubble wall comes with 2 rubber suction cups for convenient to attach it to your aquarium and a free converter to add additional bubble walls. Additional bubble walls can be joined with the enclosed connector, or can be cut with a razor bladed to devide or shorten, super-porous and non-clogging. Therefore, it is really a wonderful bubble wall tube for your fish tank or aquarium.
Specification :
Material Plastic, Rubber
Color White
Weight 43g
Size One Tube Length:10.5cm
Length of assembly: about 63 cm

Package Includes :
1X  Fish Tank Aquarium Air Pump
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