New High Accuracy Professional Moissanite Jewelry Diamond Tester Multifunction Testing Tool


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High Accuracy Professional Moissanite Jewelry Diamond Tester Multifunction Testing Tool

Material: ABS
Color: Blue+Black
Battery required: 2 Sections AAA Battery(not included)
Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 85X54X13mm /3.35''X2.13''X0.51"(appr.)
● Lightweight and portable design
● Testing platform for loose stones
● LED lights and audio result indication
● Simple calibration of stones of all sizes
● Battery powered, cost and energy saving
● Produce an audible sound to provide accurate readings
● The real diamond is indicated by the red LED and the sound
● If the diamond is false, the simulant such as cubic zirconium (CZ) will not react.
● Metal alarm function (continuous click when the user accidentally touches the metal)
Operation method:
1. Turn on the power, the power indicator lights up, the instrument starts to warm up, and the instrument can be used after a few seconds.
2. Place the tested loose diamond into a suitable recessed hole in the support tray with the table top facing up. The inserter does not have to put it in the tray hole, but it can be held by hand.
3. Brighten a number of light-emitting diodes according to the weight of the tested true and false diamonds and the temperature of the measurement site.
4. Remove the probe sheath, and hold the instrument and the right index finger to touch the conductive plate on the back cover of the instrument; make the probe touch the tabletop of the true and false diamond vertically.
5, Carefully look at the reflection of the instrument, if the remaining yellow LED lights up, when the light is on to DIAMOND, accompanied by a beep sounds that the subject is a true diamond. In contrast, if the light is not illuminated by DIAMOND and the instrument does not emit a fluttering sound, it means a fake diamond or counterf ei t.
Package included: 
1 Pcs Diamond Tester III  
1 Pcs English Manual
1 Pcs Leather Bag
1 Pcs Small metal tray