New High Power 20W 30W 50W LED COB Chip for Flood Light Anti-mosquito Outdoor Indoor AC110V / AC220V

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High Power 20W 30W 50W LED COB Chip for Flood Light Anti-mosquito Outdoor Indoor AC110V / AC220V

Body Material:Aluminum
Voltage: AC110V/AC220V
Power: 20W/30W/50W 
Function: Anti Mosquito
Light Source:COB LED
Lumens: 80-90lm/w
Size: 60 x 40mm
Made from durable material and unique design.
Easy installation, Directly connect 220V 110V
Say goodbye to fruit flies, wasps, mosquitoes, gnats more with our silent exterminator.
Photocatalytic electronic mosquito, attracts and kills gnats, mosquitoes, moths, and other flying insects
It can be applied to home kitchen, supermarket, stadium, office, warehouse etc

Why it can repellent the mosquitoes?
Entomologists have studied the physiological properties of mosquitoes and found that mosquitoes (and many insects, including moths) are particularly sensitive and fond of certain light, and are particularly disgusted by other lights. Based on this principle, the researchers developed a special light source material that mosquitoes disliked, LED Mosquitoes Repellent COB Chip.

Mosquitoes respond differently to different light waves: the most acceptable for human eyes, the least visual fatigue, and the most visible light wave in the 530-590nm band. Mosquitoes have their inherent back-light biological characteristics, which are afraid of this kind of light. but it is the not harm to the human eye, the least fatigue, the most clear light wave, so people work or work during the day, mosquitoes are hiding in the shadows.
The photon repellent successfully uses this principle to produce a large number of mosquitoes that do not like the light by using a special light source material, thereby achieving the effect of repelling mosquitoes. Because the mosquito lamp produced by it is driven by visible light to drive away mosquitoes, it is the safest and most environmentally friendly high mosquito repellent product at home and abroad without any pollution to the human body and the environment.

Package Included:
1 x LED Anti Mosquito Chip