New Metal induction Sensor Switch Inductive Approach Switch


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Metal induction Sensor Switch Inductive Approach Switch


1.Model: SZ-M30-10DN / SZ-M30-10AC

2.Scope of application: LJ30A3-15-Z/BX / LJ30A3-15-J/DZ

3.Detection distance:15mm +/- 10%

4.Sensor type: Inductive

5.Detection objects: Iron 54x 54 x 1mm

6.Response frequency: DC: 0.5Hz / AC: 25Hz



-Adopt high quality chip, long service life.

-Stable and reliable performance, good consistency.

-Four big advantage:short circuit protection, smart chip, high quality wire, sensitive induction.

-Polarity protection to prevent  the pick up the line, high quality soft wire color and clear clarity.

-Range of application: machine tool, chemical, textile industry, assembly line, packaging industry, metallurgical.

-Intimate design random coil not knot, oil resistant heat resistance with fiber (snap) resistance anti-jamming cable.

Package Included:

1 x Inductive Approach Switch