New Pagoda Adapter Brass Barbed T 3 Ways Pipe Fitting 6/8/10/12mm Pneumatic Component Hose Quick Coupler


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Pagoda Adapter Brass Barbed T 3 Ways Pipe Fitting 6/8/10/12mm Pneumatic Component Hose Quick Coupler

Pagoda adapter, brass barbed  T-shape 3 ways pipes fitting, 6/8/10/12mm pneumatic component hose quick coupler.


Material Brass
Shape T-shape 3 ways 
Model 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm 
I.D of tube 6/8/10/12mm
Head code Hexagon
Fluid Clean compressed air, vacuum
Heat resistance 100 ℃
Pressure resistance 100 (MPa)
Max. working pressure 1.32Mpa (13.5kgf/c㎡)
Normal operating pressure 0-0.9Mpa (0-9.2kgf/c㎡)
Low service pressure -99.99-0Kpa (-750-0mmHg)
Environment and fluid temperature 0-60°C
Connection Barb quick connection
Use hose PU tube, nylon tube
Fluid type Oil, Water, Gas
Application Pneumatic accessories, plumbing accessories, water pipe fitting etc.

– Made of brass castings, thickened walls, fine threads, durable.
– Molding technology is adopted.It has the advantages of anti-leakage, quick connection and long life.
– The valve body is extra thick with the standard of inch thread, which can effectively prevent it from bursting due to excessive pressure during operation.
– The PPR pipe is elaborately built with good sealing performance, smooth inner wall and smooth water outlet, preventing from scaling and leakage.
– After multiple precision stamping, the extremely high metal fatigue resistance is easy to install and free of air leakage.

Took note:
1. To confirm that the cut surface perpendicular to the tube.
2. When the plug is inserted into the bottom of the tube must be joint, the tube is not inserted in the end of may cause leakage.
3. Precautions After tipping pipe to pull the pipe joints to confirm tube could not pull disassembly.
4. Use the right tools, the use of the pipe joint hex partially disassembled fittings.
5. To remove the pipe joints with sealing material adhered to the opposite party. Otherwise adhered sealing material may enter.
6. Peripheral components, resulting in failure.

Package Included:
1 X T-shape Adapter

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