New Quelima BC35B QC3.0 Fast Charger Aoma Car Charger Humidifier


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Quelima BC35B QC3.0 Fast Charger Aoma Car Charger Humidifier

1. Support device charging.
3. Support QC3.0 fast charge.
2. Support charging identification protocol.
4. Support continuous humidification function.
5. Support intermittent humidification function.
6. Can be used with a variety of flavors and pure water evenly.
7. Support continuous humidification 1H automatic standby anti-dry function.
8. Support intermittent humidification 2H automatic standby anti-dry function.
9. Support air conditioner clip self-replacement direction, replace according to the direction of the car air conditioner.


Brand Quelima
Model BC35B
Color Gray
Material ABS
Input 12-24V
Rated Working Voltage 12V-24V
Extreme Working Voltage 9V-26V
USB Output 5V/1A, QC3.0
Working Temperature 0-45 Degrees
Working Current 120MA-280MA
Power Consumption 1W-3W
Spray Amount <50ML/H
Add Flavor Support (3-5 Drops)
Water Tank Capacity 100ML
Weight 86g
Size 10*4*4cm
Package Included:
1 X Car Charger
1 X Humidifier (Line Length 95cm)
1 X Sponge Piette
1 X English Manual