New Shabu Thick Cookware Stainless Steel Hot Pot


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Shabu Thick Cookware Stainless Steel Hot Pot

Product Description
1, The first use of superconducting magnetic induction cooker with high thermal conductivity materials
2, The bottom of the pot with three layers of steel thickening composite materials, efficient thermal conductivity, heat evenly, fast, energy saving, to achieve physical non-stick effect;
3, Anti-drip pot along the design, cooking, the steam pot in the pot to form a lock, the food taste moisture nutrition lock in the pot;
4, Without any chemical coating material, the use of imported stainless steel one piece molding, easy to use, multi-layer nesting each other, good sealing, into a vertical cylindrical pot, when the soup bottom water heating, steam formation of closed hot gas circulation, Not return, nutrition is not lost, quickly cooked food, energy saving effect, energy saving can be about 50%.

Material: Stainless Steel
Total Size: 17.5cm dia. x 6.5cm Height
Hot Pot size: 20cm
Color: Silver
Accessories: Pan, Lid, Stove rack, fire cap

(1) Lifelong no need to replace the combustion furnace, saving your cost of use.
(2) Furnace is filled with special asbestos, packed with a wire mesh, high density, even if the fuel cup splashed in the combustion, the furnace fuel will not spill. As the furnace filled with special asbestos, the combustion process will not have air to enter, so this furnace is absolutely safe.

1, Add environmentally friendly fuel, do not add too full, usually added to the volume of 70-80% on it (in the north should pay attention to the temperature difference between the warehouse and the hotel is too large, to reserve space for thermal expansion.) Add Overfilled When burning, the fuel expands when it is heated, causing the furnace pressure to rise causing the flame to be too large. There is a phenomenon of flame blowing or the top of the fuel cup is turned into a fuel overflow to burn on the surface of the furnace.
2, When adding environmentally friendly fuel, must first turn off the flame, wait until the core cooling and then add fuel. To raise in a separate room, do not add fuel to the table with your guests!
3, When adding environmentally friendly fuel, the fuel as far as possible not spilled to the outside, if the stove accidentally sprinkled with fuel, please wipe with a rag and then lit!
4, The selection of high-quality fuel
5, Furnace stoves, stove core do not use detergent or washing liquid dipped in cloth scrub, wipe with a dry cloth. There are 3-4 vents at the intersection of the nut on the furnace core and the stainless steel pipe. This vent is very important, must not be blocked by impurities, the furnace fuel level should not exceed this vent. So as not to affect the normal burning stove.
6, Core diameter must match with the stove, do not arbitrarily change.
7, Cire extinguishers, fire extinguishing cap to stay in the furnace core, so as to avoid fuel volatilization

Package Included
1×Stainless Steel Hot Pot