New Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Bird Dog Cat Repellent PIR Signal LED Strobe Light for Garden Yard


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Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Bird Dog Cat Repellent PIR Signal LED Strobe Light for Garden Yard

Solar panel:6.5V 0.1W
Power Supply:4 x AA 800mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries
Pest Type:Birds,Cat,Dog
Waterproof Level: IPX4
Infrared sensor angle:110 degrees
Detection range :6-8 meters
Working Time: 6-8 Hours
Repellent Type:Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
1. Repel Animals & Pest Away – Powerful high frequency as well as the strong flashing lights repel a wide variety of animals, such as birds, rodents, rats, cats, dogs and squirrels.
2. Solar Powered & Waterproof – Equipped with solar panel as the power supply, cost effective and eco-friendly. Simply install it in the area you wish to protect. Waterproof design allows it to work under any weather condition.
3. Widely Use – Infrared sensor angle: 110 degrees,Detection range: 6-8 meters (19.6ft-26.2ft), depending on animals size (the bigger size, the larger range). It is small enough to be hung up or insert into any position.
4. Usage – Simply scan your area and select a place where can absorb sunlight. Take the animal repeller out of the package and put it face to the intruders' activity area. Assemble the stake leg and insert into the ground. Then select your desired frequency and sensitivity. Weather-resistant, our repellent can be utilised in your yard, garden or rooftop, it also can be easily hung on a wall, fence or a tree.
5. Humane & Safe – Instantly identifying movement through its PIR motion sensor detector, this repellent deters predators and pests, humanely. Chemical free animal control, safe to humans and animals, it drives pests and wild animals away, without harming them.
Button "Frequency" position as below:
13.5KHZ-20KHZ to repel animals such as mice, rats, dogs, foxes, martens etc;
15.5KHZ-25KHZ to repel animals such as cats, raccoons, badgers, skunks etc;
25KHZ-34.5KHZ to repel animals such as bats, birds, rodents etc;
13.5KHZ-40KHZ to repel all animals above, and turn on strong flashing light.
Package Includes:
1 x Solar Ultrasonic Repeller