New Stainless Steel Kitchen Steam Espresso Cappuccino Latte Coffee Maker Machine


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Stainless Steel Kitchen Steam Espresso Cappuccino Latte Coffee Maker Machine

Material: Stainless steel body + glass pot
Color: Silver+Blue
Rated voltage: 220v / 50Hz
Rated power: 800w
Rated capacity: 0.24L
Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 320X200X332mm /12.6''X7.87''X13.07"(appr.)
Rotary steam rod, easy to use.
Separate water storage pan, easy to clean.
Simple operation, at any time to enjoy the mellow coffee.
Anti-dry device and automatic pressure relief device, the use of more secure.
Solid construction and simple appearance, widely used in home or commercial use.
Instructions for use
(Note: Make sure that the power cord is not entwined to other items before use, the main switch is in the "off" position)
Cooking coffee instructions:
1. Unscrew the tank cover and rotate it to the right
2. The amount of water with a cup of coffee machine (glass on a scale, 240ml is the equivalent of four cups of small Italian coffee cups ) into the top of the boiler
3. After installing the water, tighten the tank cover, turn left to be able to (Note: must be tightened, because the machine work, the machine has a pressure to prevent high temperature steam overflow)
4. In the powder cup into the amount of coffee powder, the inner wall of the scale, 240ml water is configured with 4 cups of coffee powder, 120ml water is configured with 2 cups of coffee powder, the specific amount according to personal taste
5. With the delivery of the spoon round flat, pressed coffee powder, this will make the coffee in the cook more fully
6. Insert the toner cup into the machine "insert" position, and then rotate it to the "lock" position (note: the beginning of the use of a few tight, is a normal phenomenon)
7. Put the glass into the machine. Note: please aim the glass lid hole at the machine.
8. Turn on the product, turn on the power switch, then turn the main switch to the "coffee" stalls, the power light is on, that is, you can start boiling water to make coffee
9. Wait until all the coffee outflow, you can turn the main switch off "Stalls, this time the power goes out, the coffee is cooked
1. Before moving the funnel and opening the lid, first turn the switch to the "OFF" position, lower the residual air pressure, and then unplug the plug
2. The remaining steam will be dispersed through the steam pipe, please do not close to the steam pipe outlet, cook coffee, unplug the plug, remove the powder cup, and placed in the tap water
3. If you want to continue cooking coffee, turn off the power lamp and wait 15 minutes until the machine cools, then continue with the above steps
Production of milk bubble / do cappuccino coffee operating instructions:
1. Follow the steps above to make a cup of espresso in a coffee cup
2. In a container with a handle, add cold whole milk (not with hot milk), ready to make milk foam, note: to choose a container with a handle, the diameter of not less than 70 ± 5mm, milk foam The volume will swell, the container must have enough depth to hold the milk bubble, the milk is best to choose whole milk pure milk
3. Turn the main switch to "Steam" and the indicator light is on
4. Wait until there is a continuous steam out, the steam nozzle into the milk surface of about 2 cm, 2 minutes later, the steam from the steam port spray, milk bubble generation, in the process of making milk bubble, you need to adjust the level of the container by hand , Keep the steam nozzle and the surface with a height of 2 cm
5. To achieve the required amount of foam, the switch placed in the "pause" position, stop the foam, take the cup full of milk bubble, the switch placed in the "shutdown" position, the release of excess steam
Maintenance Cleaning:
1. Before cleaning, first unplug the power, and wait for the machine to cool
2. Wipe the outer wall of the coffee machine with a damp cloth or sponge, and the inner wall of the glass pot. (Note: do not use alcohol or detergent clearly, do not put the coffee machine directly in the water clear)
3. Remove the metal funnel, drained the inside of the coffee grounds, you can use detergent cleaning, and rinse with tap water
4. Thoroughly clean all accessories that are removable
5. With a professional descaling agent or descaling powder, do not use vinegar or coffee to clean, without coffee powder and milk, in the water by adding detergents (powder), according to the above do coffee and cappuccino method Cook again, regular cleaning can extend the service life of the machine, an average monthly cleaning
6. After cleaning with water and then cook 2-3 times on it
Package included: 1 Pcs Coffee Maker