New Surpass Hobby 60A Brushless ESC Partly Waterproof For 1/10 RC Car Support 2s 3s Battery


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Surpass Hobby 60A Brushless ESC Partly Waterproof For 1/10 RC Car Support 2s 3s Battery

This is Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) for car. High power system for RC model is very dangerous, so please read this manual carefully. Since we can’t control over the correct use, installation, application, or maintenance of our products, we’ve no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for any damages, losses or costs resulting from the use of the product. Any claims arising from the operating, failure of malfunctioning etc. will be denied. We assume no liability for personal injury, consequential damages resulting from our product or our workmanship.

1. Specially designed for RC car with excellent start-up, acceleration and linearity features.
2. Compatible with sensorless brushless motor.
3. The strong resistant current capability, excellent heat dissipation.
4. Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection for lithium or nickel battery / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection / Motor blocked protection/
5. Easily programmed and compatible with pocket-sized program card.
6. Low Voltage Cut-Off: The function is mainly to prevent the lithium battery pack from over discharging. When using lithium battery pack, please set the suitable value for low-voltage protection as your like. WARNING: Never use the default value “Non-protection” for lithium battery! 3.1V,2.9V,2.7V,Non-Protection
(default value 3.1V)
8. 3 start modes (Also called “Punch”) from “soft” to “very aggressive” (default value Medium)
9. Maximum brake force: (25A,35A,45A,60A)50%,25%,75%,100%(default value 50%),(80A,120A)25%,50%,75%,100%(default value 25%)
10. Maximum reverse force: 25%,50%,75%,100%(default value 25%)
11: Neutral range: 9%(narrow),6%(Normal),12%(Wide)(default value 9%)


Model 25A 35A 45A 60A 80A 120A  
Cont. Current/ Burst Current 25A/100A 35A/120A  
60A/320A 80A/480A 120A/600A  
Motor Type Sensorless Brushless Motor
Suitable Car 1/24,1/18, 1/16 car 1/18, 1/16,1/14 car 1/12.1/10 car 1/10 car 1/8 car 1/8 car
Suitable Brushless Motor >=12T >=12T >=9T >=9T >=5.5T >=3.5
Resistance 0.004ohm 0.003ohm 0.0014ohm 0.0007ohm 0.0005ohm 0.00035ohm
Battery 2 cells Lipo
4~6 cells NiMH
2~3 cells Lipo
4~6 cells NiMH
2~3 cells Lipo
4~9 cells NiMH
2~4cells Lipo 4~12cells NiMH 2~6cells Lipo 4~12cells NiMH
BEC Output 5V/2A
(analog mode)
(analog mode)
(switch mode)
(switch mode)
Dimension 25*30*14.5mm 25*30*18.5mm 32.5*34*24mm 41*51*36mm


1. Connect BEC wires with the receiver
2. Connect motor wires with ESC
3. Turn on the transmitter
4. Connect battery pack with ESC then switch on the ESC.
5. When the connection of motor and battery is finished, the motor emits “Beep-Beep” tone.
6. When the throttle stick is in the neutral position, the motor re-emits “Beep-Beep” tone.
7. The ESC is workable.
Program Method
1. Connect BEC wires with the programmer then turn on the ESC.(80A,120A  press the keys to be not  put)
2. The Green LED flashes for 2 times then LED off, that is, the connecting programmer with ESC is successful, and the Red LED on presents the current value of that item. Otherwise, the connecting is failed.
3. Please press the Key “↓” to select different programs
4. Please press the Key “→” to select different value of the current program
5. Please press the Key “Program” to confirm above selections, the Green LED on immediately and has gone out within 5 seconds, that is, this process is successful.
6. Please press the Key “Reset” to reset the factory setting.

1. If after power on, motor can’t work, no sound is emitted, please check the connections between battery pack and motor.
2. If after power on, LED flashes, please check the voltage of battery pack, which should be from 5V~13V.
3. If the motor emits a “Beep-Beep” tone Only, please check all the connections: BEC wires, transmitter and receiver, throttle signal wires, etc.
4. If the car can’t be speed up, please check either voltage of the battery pack is too low or the temperature of ESC is too high. If the voltage of the battery pack is too low, please replace the battery pack. If the temperature of ESC is too high, please check all connections.
5. If the car stops suddenly while in working state, please check the motor’s connections, and the roadblock.
6. If the car runs in the opposite direction, which the transmitter is available, please swap two wire connections between the ESC and the motor.

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