New T687C 170° Large Wide-angle HD Lens Concealed Front And Rear Dual-way Car DVR


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T687C 170° Large Wide-angle HD Lens Concealed Front And Rear Dual-way Car DVR

1. Concealed integrated design.
2. Internal circuit is fully shielded and designed without interference.
3. Super capacitor design, no explosion risk, long life, safe, reliable and durable.
4. Built-in 1080P true full HD CMOS image sensor with 1920 X 1080P / 30fps full HD video recording and clear images.
5. According to the European and American mainstream aesthetic design, resistant to 90 ° high temperature ABS material.
6. The system has built-in G-Sensor gravity acceleration sensor, which automatically locks the automatic instantaneous collision and sudden braking video, and is not deleted by overwriting.
7. In addition to the technical fan, we are also a fashion fan. We have specially developed a mobile phone APP, which can only control the built-in microphone to record the voice inside the car, or turn off the recording function through the APP.
8. With unparalleled superior performance, dark state enhanced technology processing, can maintain high-definition picture quality performance day and night. The angle of view of the lens is further expanded, and the recording angle is as high as 170 degrees. The front and rear ends of the car have a clear record, and the line of sight has no dead angle. With a full 6-wave imported lens, the large aperture design of F2.0 ensures that the depth of field is within a reasonable range, so that the license plates at close and long distances are consistent and clear. Easy to control, share anytime, anywhere.
9. You can choose manual backup and lock, long press the backup button for more than 2 seconds, the video is locked and protected. The motion detection function is enabled, the static picture is not written, and the effective video is saved intelligently. The recorded video is saved in segments without leakage. When the memory card is full, it automatically overwrites the earlier video. The storage space is infinite. The system supports 32G super-capacity card recording, which enhances the coverage of the product.
Sensor Front AR0330+After OV7090
Display 2.0 inch HD Screen
Lens 170° Large Wide-angle HD Lens
Front Lens Resolution 1920*1080P (30 frames / sec)
Rear Lens Resolution 640*480P (30 frames / sec)
Recording Mode Loop Recording / Motion Detection
Video Encoding Method H.264
Photo Resolution 12M
Seamless Video Support
Boot Automatic Recording Support
Collision Protection Support
GPS Driving Track Support(Optional)
Language Simplified, Traditional, Korean, Russian, Japanese, English, etc.
Recording Built-in Microphone, Recording Can Be Selected To Turn Off
Memory Card Maximum Support For 128GB TF Card
Built-in Power Supply Lithium Battery / Super Capacitor
Size 148*114*90mm
Weight 420g
Package Included:
1 X Color Box
1 X Instruction Manual
1 X Mounting Base
2 X 3M Glue
1 X 6 Meters Rear Pull Wire
1 X Pull-down Lens
1 X Car Charger