New TM610 18mm Single Module DIN Rail 7 Days 24 Hours Programmable Timer Switch 220V


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TM610 18mm Single Module DIN Rail 7 Days 24 Hours Programmable Timer Switch 220V

Description :

TM610 18mm Width DIN rail 7 days 24hrs Programmable switch timer can automatically switch on and switch off various kinds of electric equipment at a preset time before a week and can work cyclically per week or day (from one mnute to 168hours) according to the preset programs.
It is widely used in 7 days programmable control of streetlight, neon light (sign), lamp, water heater, air conditioner, billboard, electric cooker, booster,  sprayer, bottler, preheater, agriculture facilities and broadcasting equipment etc.
The digital timer switch is within replaceable battery 3V CR2032 back up for power failiure.
It has the features of low consumption, high-accuracy CMOS chip, strongly anti-jamming, simple and easy to set.

Features :

•  External trigger control digital time switch with weekly program and day cycle
•   External trigger switch(EXT Pin), Cable length can be 100 meters
•  18mm DIN rail time switch for 7 days-24 hours
•  Advanced pre-setting one week before 
•  16 groups on-off program for daily and weekly
•  32 times pulse programs, adjustable pulse duration 1s~99s
•  Countdown, adjustable Countdown duration 1s~99m59s
•  Holiday program,10 times holiday
•  One channel, volt free output, Accurate-to-the-minute control
•  LED power ON/OFF indicator, high contrast LCD display
•  Display year/month/day/hour/minute
•  Reset function and manual override
•  Replaceable battery 3V CR2032 back up for power failiure
•  Product Size: 87x18x67mm

Specification :

Universal Input Voltage: 230Vac or 110Vac 50/60Hz
Output: 16amp, SPDT @ 250Vac, volt-free output
Installation: 35 mm DIN rail or installed in distrubution board

Model TM610
Temp.range: -20°C+50°C Power Supply: 200~250Vac
Power consumption 4.5 VA (MAX) Display: LCD
Switching contact: 1 changeover switch Programs: 44 on/off each day or week
Hysteresis 2 sec/day (25°C) Mini interval: 1 mins
Capacity: 16A 250V AC Black-out: 60 days
Timer range: 1min~168hr Recharge battery:3V
Average error: 1s/24h, 25°C Weight: 0.15kg

Package includeds :

1 x TM610 Timer Switch
1 x User Manual    
Details pictures :