New USB AVR ISP Downloader Programmer


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USB AVR ISP Downloader Programmer


This USB AVR ISP programmer is the same as the original AT AVR ISP programmer. It supports all AVR chips with ISP interface. For example, AVR Studio 4.18 SP3 can support the following models:
MCS-51 series
AT89S51, AT89S52;
ATmega series
ATmega48; ATmega48P; ATmega8; ATmega88; ATmega88P; ATmega8515; ATmega8535; ATmega16; ATmega162; ATmeg164P; ATmega165; ATmega165P; ATmega168; ATmega168P; ATmega169; ATmega169P; ATmega32; ATmega324; ATmega324P; ATmega325; ATmega325P; ATmega3250; ATmega3250P; Atmega328P, ATmega329; ATmega329P; ATmega3290; ATmega3290P; ATmega64; ATmega640; ATmega644P; ATmega645; ATmega6450; ATmega649; ATmega6490; ATmega128; ATmega1280; ATmega1281; ATmega2560; ATmega2561
ATtiny Collection
ATtiny12; ATtiny13; ATtiny15; ATtiny22; ATtiny2313; ATtiny24; ATtiny25; ATtiny26; ATtiny44; ATtiny45; ATtiny461; ATtiny84; ATtiny85; ATtiny861
90 series (old model)
AT90S1200; AT90S2313; AT90S/LS2323; AT90S/LS2343; AT90S/LS2333; AT90S4414; AT90S/LS4433; AT90S/LS4434; AT90S8515; AT90S/LS8535
Other models
AT86RF401; AT90PWM2; AT90PWM2B; AT90PWM3; AT90PWM3B; AT90CAN32; AT90CAN64; AT90CAN128; AT90USB162; AT90USB646; AT90USB647; AT90USB1286; AT90USB1287
Also supporting the low voltage version of all chips in this column, v4.19 basically supports all online programming of AVR chips with ISP interface.

Package included:

1 x USB AVR ISP programmer
1 x USB Cable