New Xiaomi Bamboo Desktop Monitor Riser 2 Tier Computer Stand Shelf Shelves Storage Organizer Save Space

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Xiaomi Bamboo Desktop Monitor Riser 2 Tier Computer Stand Shelf Shelves Storage Organizer Save Space

Product Name: Multi Function Desktop Monitor Riser
Material: Bamboo Frame, Steel Plate
Size: Mini, Long
Dimension: Mini 230x200x131mm, Long 500x200x131mm
Color: Off-white, Dark Grey

1. Improve Desktop Environment
Seek Out More Comfortable Working Conditions
Have you ever been exhausted from staying in front of a computer for a long time, flurried about cannot finding somethings when working. There are always big and small problems that affect your productivity. A desktop organizer can help you improve your working conditions and create a better experience.
2. 2 Colors, 2 Sizes For Different Office Styles
This product has 2 sizes (mini and long) and 2 colors (off-white and dark grey). All of them have the same height and a cloth drawer. Mini model is designed with single compartment,  more simple and less occupied area. Long model is designed with more functions, such as compartment storage, keyboard organization storage space and phone stand holder.
3. Raise Your Eyes, Form A Good Posture
Elevate monitor 13m up to eye level for comfortable, ergonomic viewing experience. It can make your eyes look at the computer directly without looking down. It can keep your neck upright, relieve neck pressure and develop good sitting habits.
4. Compartment Storage, Tidy Up Office Desktop
Solve your office trivialities with such a shelf to store pens, mobile phones, U disk, notebook, post-it notes, chargers and other items separately. Keep your office supplies handy to make your work more efficient.
5. Raw Bamboo White Metal
Refreshing Desktop, More Attitude
Bamboo with original color, matched with white desktop, simple and fashionable style, fashionable round hole plate design, bring fresh and breathable feeling. With light and clever lines and colors, it can be easily integrated into all kinds of desktop scenes.
6. Selected bamboo, Eco-friendly Natural
The shelf frame selects 3-5 years old high quality bamboo as material, through carbonation, drying and other processes, finally achieve the high density and toughness of bamboo.
7. Polyester Fabric Drawer, Store Small Items
Designed with pull type simple style cloth drawer frame for storing smal items, make your storage more reasonable, let desktop more beautiful.
8. Metal support
The thick metal supporting plate is firmly connected, which can satisfy the placement of all sorts of display monitors.
9. Phone Holder, Master Imformation in Real Time
On the right side of the long shelf there is a specially designed stand holder with a separated slot for mobile phones, which can be placed vertically on all types of phones to ensure that you focus on your work while not missing important calls and messages.
10. Clean Up Desktop, Place Delicious
The long shelf has its own storage space on the bottom, which meets the storage needs of a standard 104-keys board. Just push the keyboard and trash under the shelf to effectively prevent dust and free up the desktop, and then enjoy the delicious food.
Package Included:
1 x Desktop Monitor Riser