New XIAOMI Breathable Lightweight Comfortable Mika Sneakers 2


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XIAOMI Breathable Lightweight Comfortable Mika Sneakers 2


Color(Men) White/Black/Floral blue/Floral gray
Color(Women) White/Orange

Product features:
1.The vamp is made by the seamless high-bounce knitting technology of stereoscopic molding. The entire vamp has only one seam, which reduces the surface of the shoe to the greatest extent.
2.Fish bone locking system,excellent shock – retarding performance, strong support anti-torsion, super grip.
3.New independent fishbone locking system by 10 fishbone and large area of the palm of balance sheet, promote the balance and the parcel of shoes, can effectively reduce the strain.
4.Mika sneakers 2 chose has large hollow out pattern of whole palm rubber, outsole have powerful slide effectively reduced the whole weight of shoes at the same time.
5.Thickened sponge breathable insoleSoft bullet light, sweat and breathable.
6.Can be directly machine washed, more convenient.

Package Includes:
1*pair of shoes.