New Xiaomi Mijia Diiib 3 Modes Adjustment Handheld Shower Head Set 360° 120mm 53 Water Hole with PVC Matel

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Xiaomi Mijia Diiib 3 Modes Adjustment Handheld Shower Head Set 360° 120mm 53 Water Hole with PVC Matel

[ Note : Xiaomi Diiib Shower Head has won REDDOT Award 2018 ]

Description :

Xiaomi Shower Head or Hose or Shower Sets for Your Choice Three Modes One-handed Adjustment 
Easy to move at your fingertips, enjoy three kinds of splashes
Red dot IF double award, 120mm big water surface, One-hand cut transform water flower, Easy to change.
Upgrade shower experience, look good and durable.
The water outlet is blocked & the water is uneven? Is the hose aging causing dirt and water leakage?
Xiaomi Shower Head Hose Sets with super large water surface can change 3 kinds of water flowers with one hand.
The hose is durable and easy to clean.
One product or sets for your choice.
One-handed switch change, comfortable to shower.
The user only needs to hold the handle with one hand. 
You can switch between the three types of waters with the fingertips on the handle.
One-handed toggle switch / Lightweight and easy to use.
Just hold the shower handle with one hand and switch between the three showers with a simple fingertip. Switching feels smooth
Every time you change a splash, the spin button is accompanied by a crisp humming sound.
Give feedback to your operation. Smooth feel, clear gear, novel operation.
Platinum silver material, Integrated 5-layer thick coating 
The temperature difference between cold and hot in the insulated tube can be boldly touched. 
Smooth body without dirt. 

Specification :

Brand Xiaomi
Material ABS, POM, PPE
Size 253 x 120 x 62mm / 9.96 x 4.72 x 2.44 inch
Cover : 120mm
Interface size : International G1/2 thread
Type Handheld 3 modes
Color Silver
Soothing shower water
Powerful massage water
Vibrant mixed water
Weight 200g

Package Includes :

1 x Xiaomi mijia Shower head 
1 x Xiaomi mijia Shower hose
1 x Xiaomi mijia Shower head & Hose Sets
[ As you choose ]
[ we suggest you buy shower head set, it wil be cheaper than you buy a single one :)]