New Xiaomi Mijia PMA Graphene Therapy Heated Eye Mask Silk Eye Patch Fatigue Relief Eye Massager


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Xiaomi Mijia PMA Graphene Therapy Heated Eye Mask Silk Eye Patch Fatigue Relief Eye Massager


Item Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Heated Eye Mask
Brand Xiaomi
Color Grey, Green, Pink
Material 100% Real Silk
Temperature Setting High: 45-50℃

Mid: 42-45℃

Low: 37-42℃
Output Voltage 5V
Site of Action Eye
Size 23 x 10.5cm


15 minutes automatic power off: No manual shutdown required, make you sleep more restfully and relaxed. 

2. Built in graphene heating modules, the eye mask can send 6~14 μm far infrared light waves 
    after being electrified to relieve eye fatigue and              protect the skin around the eyes.

3. 3-level adjustable temperature to choose from: high, middle and low. This offers the needed flexibility

    and lets you adjust the heating to a comfortable level.

4. Enlarged surface with eye patch, 360° shading design
 to avoid daylight, create a good sleeping environment for you.

5. It is made of 100% silk which is very soft, breathable to brings users better use of experience.

6. The Xiaomi eye mask is thin and light with a storage, which is convenient to carry and use.

7. Foldable and reusable: with a hard graph, a blindfold can be washed freely after removing the power cord, safe and practical.

8. Perfect for office workers, students, travellers.


Package Included:

1 x Xiaomi PMA Graphene Therapy Heated Eye Mask
1 x User Guide
1 x USB Cable
1 x Storage Bag
1 x After-sale Service Card

When cleaning, please remove the power cord from the eye mask.
2. Suggest hand wash and use neutral detergent such as real silk scour or shampoo
    and hair conditioner, cannot be soaked in the chlorine lotion.
3. Do not soak the neck strap for a long time. The temperature should not exceed 30℃.
4. Dry naturally after washing, do not use hair blower
, dryer, etc.